Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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General Questions

What are Trail Truffles?

Why are they called "Trail Truffles"?

What makes Trail Truffles unique to all the other “energy” products on the market?

Where can I buy Trail Truffles?

Nutritional Information

What does it mean that Trail Truffles are all-natural?

I’m a [insert nutritionally focused lifestyle]—will I be able to eat Trail truffles?

How many calories are in each Trail Truffle?

Carbs, fats, and protein, oh my?!?

The Truffles

What are the flavors of Trail Truffles?

What’s the shelf life of Trail Truffles?

What makes Trail Truffles more than just a treat with “natural” ingredients?

Shipping & Returns

I placed my order [xx] days ago and haven’t received my Truffles—I can’t wait anymore!

I’m dissatisfied with my order; can I get a refund / exchange?