Trail Truffles: The Genesis

Like all good coming-of-age product stories, Trail Truffles was conceptualized on a cold, dark, and rainy night in the midst of peasant uprisings resulting from general oppression directed by the ruling class...

Just kidding.

Though our backstory may not be of cinematic quality, we at Trail Truffles have spent quite some time perfecting what a trail-worthy energy bite should be. We've combined nature's purest—and most delicious!—ingredients into a bite-size package that is as decadent as it is convenient. Our rugged, "chocolate" outer shell with a decadent "truffle cream" is unique to all other forms of trail food on the market today. 

We are first and foremost trail users who appreciate what is required to meet the rigors of the outdoors, but we aren't willing to sacrifice taste for portability—thus, Trail Truffles was born. 

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See you on the trail.