Twenty Better Things to do With Your Time and Money This Black Friday.

1. Go on a bike ride: Road, mountain, fat, tandem; it really doesn't matter. Bikes, beat, Black Friday shopping.


2. Slide down a flight of stairs: on a mattress or in a sleeping bag, or robust sled. Bonus points are awarded for the up-side of an escalator. Consider this an option if someone else makes you go Black Friday shopping at the Mall.


3. Go sledding: No snow? No problem, just check out this handy wikihow for how to sled without snow, then use this page to get out the grass stains.


4. Call someone that would like to hear from you: A simple gesture can go a long way to make someone else smile.

5. Go Hot tubbing, in nature: Do a little digging and find your nearest natural hot springs. Just make sure to leave the in-laws at home if you're looking for a *clothing optional* experience


6. Find out how to survive a cougar attack: Or Bear, or moose, or frantic squirrel. You can never be too prepared.


7. Learn a magic trick: "I'm going to make this truffle, disapear"


8. Volunteer at a local charity: There is always an organization that can use a helping hand. Maybe you can even volunteer for a local race organizer hosting a turkey trot and get bonus points to an event entry. Win win!

9. Try out a Youtube painting tutorial: Using something other than paper as your canvas.


10. Sign up for something that intimidates you: Sprint triathlon, full blown 140.6, ultra trail marathon... the distance isn't important as long as it's challenging and exciting!

11. Hike a new trail: Get outside, and go adventuring! Use this guide for handy apps to use to get you on the right "path"


12. PR a familiar route: Get some sleep and shoot for a personal record. It can be to the peak or how fast you can get out of awkward family political discussions

13. Practice your ax throwing skills: This is becoming an increasingly useful skill with the bizarre rise of social ax throwing. Pro tip: wear flannel.


14. Ask someone for directions to the place where you already are: When they explain that you are already there, smile and say "Thank you! That makes it so much easier!"

15. Learn to Fly: Go gliding, skydiving, or anything else that gets you airborne. These sports are surprisingly accessible and are safer than driving in holiday traffic. If you're the timid-of-heights type you can always try indoor skydiving! Make sure to have your friends take pictures of your distorted face.



16. Search out new places to see next year: Both near and far, and put them on your calendar. Travel does the soul good, so does daydreaming about travel. Science.

17. Hit the slopes: Ski, Board, snow skate, ski bike... whatever your mode of send is. send.


18. Go Kart racing: Extra points if you dress up like Mario characters and have your own Mario Kart race.

19. Show people your ID and ask, "Have you seen this man/woman?"

20. Donate to your local state parks or national parks:


Whatever you decide to do this weekend and wherever you decide to do it, make sure your time and money go to causes and companies you can get behind! Happy holidays!


  • Thank you so very much for the opportunity to WIN!

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  • If only buzzfeed were this good.


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