Twenty-three last minute stocking stuffers for the trail junkie on your list

Everyone loves a nice plump stocking. From oranges and chocolate bars, to trading cards and Pez dispensers, these are the start of Christmas morning and get the mood going. Our list might be a touch unorthodox but we did follow strict criteria.

  1. It must fit inside a stocking (at least mostly)
  2. It must be geared towards the outdoor enthusiast.

Yep, super strict criteria. Lets move on! Price was not a factor but for convenience the items are listed in groups ranging from inexpensive to very pricey indeed.

*All images have clickable links to purchase products.

Gifts below $25

1. Stickers:

We wont judge where they get placed. These are a fantastic and inexpensive stocking stuffer that let the receiver use them however and wherever they see fit.

COST: $7.99

2. Fancy socks:

Tall socks, short socks, thin socks, fat socks. The options are plentiful, just make sure they are stylin. In terms of options and looks, Stance has you taken care of.

COST: $8-$16

3. Trail ready nutrition:

It's hard to go wrong with on-the-go fuel for your on-the-go recipient, unless you get a meat stick for your vegan buddy or a waffle for your celiac girlfriend. Best be on the safe side and get a snack that checks all the important dietary restriction boxes and is also super tasty.

COST: $6.50

4. Phone tripod:

Flexible and bendable, These tripods can be slapped around a tree branch or propped on a rock so your trail junkie can snag those epic shots even when flying solo, or self timed group shots where everyone gets in on the picture.

COST: $15

5. Bottle/canteen, flask:

These containers come in all sorts of sizes and colorways, we were digging on these faded tones from Simple Modern.

COST: $19

6. LifeStraw:

Pack-able water filtration. Filter any water straight from the source to your mouth. A tool any avid trail user should have handy.

COST: $11.99

7. Inflatable cushion:

You can stuff it in your pocket and pull it out as needed. These inflatable cushions are super lightweight and can be stashed just about anywhere and used for just about anything.

COST: $11.87

8. Slim wallet:

When you are on the go the last thing you want is a bulky wallet or purse. These simple wallets let you carry the essentials with no fuss. Thread wallets make our favorite and they have new varieties all the time so you are sure to have something unique to give.

COST: $15-$25

9. Elastic shoelaces:

A simple purchase most triathletes know about. This easy product transforms any shoe with traditional laces into a quick slip-on that holds the foot firmly and never comes untied. The fun color options are always a bonus. There are many varieties but we've personally found Lock Laces to be the best pick.

COST: $7.99

10. Multitool:

For the person on your list who wants to be ready for anything.

COST: $14.59

11. Female portable urinal:

You've probably seen it before. Might have even chuckled when you did, but these little gadgets are no laughing matter (maybe a little bit, but that doesn't mean they aren't damn useful and a strong candidate for the women on your list). Peeing standing up is a gift that everyone should be able to enjoy.

COST: $11

12. Donation in their name to their favorite State or National Park.

This is the gift you get for the person who has everything, the extremely hard to shop for, or for the individual who is just so selfless they would rather see their Christmas gift do some genuine good. Either way it's a creative and thoughtful gift. Just print out your receipt or make a card telling them the details of the donation.

COST: Whatever you feel like

Gifts from $25-$50

13. Cheap (but good) sunglasses:

Plenty of companies out there are making durable, adventure ready shades. we love the options that Goodr provides. They have just about every color combo you can imagine as well as polarized options that wont break the bank.

COST: $25 +

14. T-Shirt:

Roll it up and stuff it in, t-shirts are easy to put in a stocking, but harder to find the perfect one. Threads from tentree are not only good looking but ten trees are planted for every product purchased. Win win win

COST: $27 +

15. Hammock:

Portable relaxation, that can squish down small enough to fit in a stocking. Need we say more?

COST: $39

16. Portable speaker:

Portable mood machine. There are many options of rugged speakers but this waterproof one takes our vote

COST: $20-$150

17. Fanny pack:

Fashionable, refined, useful. A fanny pack is at least one of those things, and scoff if you must but these hip slung pockets are perfectly handy. We dig these packs from Cotopaxi for their vibrant color options and their use of re-purposed materials.

COST: $30

18. Portable solar power charger:

These sun sucking little gadgets will allow that lucky someone to have juice for their small devices anywhere they go. Perfect for backpackers who like to disappear for a few days. This one is waterproof and has an attached flashlight.

COST: $29

19. Headlamp:

For the night time explorer, backpacker, and many others, a headlamp proves itself useful over and over and over. A must have for bagging sunrise peaks, getting back to the trail-head after watching the sunset, setting up camp in the dark, or adding that extra bit of light for a night-time photo. This Black Diamond "spot" is great bang for the buck and is completely submersible.

COST: $38

Gifts from $50 and up

20. Trekking poles:

Collapsible and extendable. Trekking poles are a sure fire way to stiffen up a floppy stocking and they can be used for countless outdoor adventures. Our favorite are these Alpine FLZ from Black Diamond. They go from collapsed to rigid in a matter of seconds and come in a carbon variant for further weight savings.

COST: $50-$189

21. Plane tickets:

Name a better gift for the avid adventurer than an actual adventure. We'll wait. Price obviously dependent on the destination and you wan't to make sure you don't bump into schedule conflict but this is a winning surprise.

COST: Varies

22. Action camera:

Small, rugged, and waterproof. These little cameras let the adventure enthusiast relieve their exploits and share them with everyone they want to. The Rylo shoots full 360, is great bang for the buck, and is built for mobile. The Go-pro will allow the user to use more sophisticated editing software on a desktop and create a richer video experience, but is more expensive. That doesn't mean it's difficult to create with, as it has its own mobile functionality that makes it a breeze to click, record, upload. A lower cost option for an action camera is a gimbal built for phones that will allow the user to get stunningly smooth shots with their phone, like this one here for $69.00

COST: $199-$399

23. Multi-sport/GPS watch:

We won't dive into all the features, models, brands etc available for GPS and sport watches as that is another write up for another day. Modern day GPS watches are basically wrist worn wizards that can tell you every bit of data about your journey you could possibly want to know, as well as guide you through it. Speed, location, pace, vitals, altitude, distance and more. This is the most expensive stocking stuffer we could think of but it's not without reason. These bad boys are the ultimate gift for someone who was firmly on the nice list. As far as brands, Suunto and Garmin both make incredible and reliable pieces. If your recipient already has a watch, you're in luck- you can pick up a watch band and boom, new watch for a fraction of the price.

COST: $170-$599

There you have it! What did we leave off that you hope to find in your stocking, or something you've picked up to give to someone else? Let us know in the comments!


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